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Email related questions

Q: How do I access my email?

A: Via Webmail or any POP3 capable client such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express

Q: Why do I receive emails with {SPAM NOT DELIVERED} in the subject?

A: The emails have been sent from our Anti-SPAM server, they are to inform you that the Anti-SPAM server has intercepted an email that it beleives to be SPAM but is not 100% certain, the email is designed to inform you of this so that if you know the email to be genuine you can click the link in the email to release it from quarantine also by releasing the email you help the server to "learn" what is and is not junk for your profile

Web Hosting related questions

Q: How do I upload my website to the internet?

A: You can upload your website content and any other content permitted under the Smart Hosting terms and conditions, either by using an FTP client such as those found within Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage and Microsoft Expression Web to mention just a few, or by using the file manager within the Smart Hosting control panel

Q: I want to install a web application on my website, it mentions PHP and MySQL as requirements, do you support these?

A:Yes we support the use of PHP scripts and MySQL databases within all of our web hosting packages. For a number of popular web applications such as phpBB and wordpress (as well as numerous others), we can install them for you free of charge, please contact us for more information on this service

Q: I have already bought a domain name can I still use your web hosting?

A: Yes you can use our web hosting, but you must check that your current domain registrar supports the ability for you to specify the "named servers" for your domain name (most registrars support this as standard). Once you have bought web hosting from us you need to set the "named servers" for your domain to and